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These lessons plans were developed for use with the Jewish Civics Initiative (JCI), sponsored by PANIM. JCI is a year-long service-learning experience for Jewish teenagers under the sponsorship of a community-wide Jewish educational institution. At the present, more than 25 agencies participate in at least one component of the JCI program, representing 15 states and an estimated number of more than 750 students. To learn more about JCI and the JCI Seminar in Washington, DC, click here:

Torah Study

Chapter 1: A Call to Action

Chapter 2: B'Tzelem Elohim

Chapter 3: Mishpat vs. Tzedek

Chapter 4: Tzedek, Tzedakah, and Chesed

Chapter 5: Self and Community

Chapter 6: Truth and Peace

Chapter 7: Universalism and Particularism

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